Nest Boxes for Native Birds

Bird Boxes Australia

An important role in wildlife conservation

Bird Boxes Australia creates a simple yet affordable way to help our native wildlife. Our industries are reducing habitat – we can create more nesting options for many of our endangered species. Simple, cheap and rewarding!


Our CNC router manufactures our products to exact dimensions allowing us to produce our bird boxes with minimal waste.
We use eco-friendly plywood to construct our nesting boxes as it withstands harsh weather conditions and is durable, ensuring your nesting box will provide years of service.


Bird Boxes Australia has developed various options to accommodate many wildlife species. We have multiple boxes available to suit your needs including boxes for birds, bats and possums.

It can take 100 years for a tree to grow and form natural hollows for wildlife to nest in.

How many old trees are left in your neighbourhood?

Make a difference in your own garden. Providing shelter and security for birds, bats and mammals not only helps maintain, or even grow, local populations of our precious wildlife, it also brings them in where you can see and enjoy them too.

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